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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Augustine promoted Christianity to the Romans as a means to protection because Christians were a united people who would not allow the barbarians to cross the gate for the simple reason that their priests would tell them not toAugustine argues that we were created as good people by God but were tainted by original sinproblem of evilthe way we live is the pursuit of our passions and selfinterested desiresthis formed the basis of politics from the 1800s onwardsAugustine argues that the goal of politics was moderation law and education according to Augustine led to untruths domination and rather than love the restraining of hostilities at least Plato was optimistic that these things could improve peopleAugustine essentially pitched that he could deliver the most obedient bloc of citizens and warriors in all the Roman Empire Augustine points out that the Greeks have let the Romans down in the past whereas the Catholics are driven by a fear of eternal damnationthis is a specific political alliance between the Catholic Church and the Roman EmpirePlan1defeat the Greeks2form an alliance between the
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