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November 13-St. Thomas Aquinas.docx

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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

comparing always means similarities and differencesby the year 500 Rome has been invaded St Augustine is dead but the alliance worked for hundreds of yearsthe Catholic Church found it useful to make philosophy analogous to PlatoSt Thomas comes along in 1225 700 years after Augustine while the alliance is still intactafter Aquinas the alliance is not lost it is just changedthe metaphysics and poetics of Aristotle was discovered in Aquinas time which he studied word for word and lovedwhen Aquinas says the philosopher he means AristotleAquinas calls humans social animals just as Aristotle didAquinas readings were discovered to embody Aristotle which was thought to be a threat to the Catholic Churchs hold on politicshis works were burnedAquinas was all about bringing Aristotle inChristian Platonism fits Christian
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