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September 27-Plato's Ideas.docx

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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

philosophers with gold in their soul do not want power and have no ego therefore they should rule since they have loyalty to the polis which is their mother and father they are reluctant rulersonly if the gold souls ruled would government be in harmony with nature these men do not rule through fear or charisma but rather through understanding politics needed to be based on knowledge of the truth rather than skill at playing gamesthe only just rule is those people who take Socrates rule of things to remember the story think of the Lord of the RingsHobbits were chosen to carry the Ring of Power because they did not want to rule with it yet even in the end it corrupted themPlatos goal was to answer the question of what kind of nature would be best suited to rulePlato wanted to find individuals who could rule and wanted to find them through educationto Plato justice only means the ability to see how everything ought to be orderedPlatos idea of perfectionthe gold people will have no property because they have no ego and would not want it they would live off the largesse andor generosity of society similar to gold silver souls will show up in the educational system these people must
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