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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

POL2246E Sept 10. 2012 Public administration today • 1970's - attacks on govt, its agencies and programs. • occurred for a variety of reasons: • expansion of trade agreements which effectively redue the powers of the state (WTO, NAFTA) • election of neoconservative/neoliberal governments in Britain, the US & canada and elsewhere {neoliberal --> new idea of liberalism - very much related to the ideas brought forward by smith in 1776} • policies and programs of de-regulation, privatization and reduced spending on social programs with greater attention to debt reduction. {had prime interest at rates like 20%, a lot of debt was owed to bond holders… temptation to screw bond holders by decreasing currency. Business versus bureaucratic power • elevation of business as the essential partner of government. • the elevation of faith in the "market" to the level of religion and ideology • critics of "bureaucratic power" : ◦ Liberal democratic social welfare state threatens our individual freedoms (particularly economic freedoms) ◦ inefficiency and cost and the pursuit of bureaucratic self interest. (both these bullets in light grey) The society of perfect liberty • adam smith, the wealth of nations, 1776 {probably the most important justification of liberalism • markets and economic coordination • *i* invisible hand of self-interest {he used this phrase only once in the book. supply & demand. if there's always a market, some people will always supply it. ex. prohibition. } • concluded his argument for liberalism and free trade ◦ a society of perfect liberty - by noting three roles "of great importance" for the state: ◦ "the duty of protecting the society from violence and invasion" ◦ {in this time, had the idea that property belonged to kings and queens 'divine right of the king/queen/emporer' … because property belonged to god who wanted them to look after it.} {kings etc, used to have mercenaries but in being paid either the soldiers would sell out to the other side, or run away (self interest = being paid… then self interest =not dying.) ex. present day "backwater" changed name three times. Great Public Works • "The duty of protecting, as far as possible, every member of society from the injustice of opposition of every other member of it." {ex. systems to protect students from unfair grades, or how the banks follow up on people in debt.} • "the duty of erecting and maintaining great public works and certain public institutions, which it can never be in the interest of any individual , or group of individuals, to erect and maintain, because the profit would never repay the expense, though it may frequent do much more than repay it to a great society" {great wall of china, the health care system, etc…. =/} Authority & legitimacy • the state, its governments and its public administration apparatuses possess their authority to act (to tax, to legislate, to govern) because we believe *i* their exercise of authority is legitimate. • legitimacy refers to: the "rightness" of powers exercised in the name of the state or government. although governments can also coerce us (police, military, jails), coercion is very costly and no government can exist for long without some form of legitimate authority {classic case - 3 strike law. ex. putting a guy in jail for stealing a slice of pizza = too expensive and not worth it. } Sources of authority • max weber, classified the possible sources of aut
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