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Political Science
Political Science 3364F/G
Timothy Cobban

HOW TO DEVELOP AFRICA WHY THE SOCIALIST MODEL FAILED IN AFRICA  Africa’s disastrous postcolonial economic record provides overwhelming evidence that the state controlled socialist economic model can never be used to develop Africa successfully MULTIPLICTY OF ECONOMIC OBJECTIVES  Some state enterprises were expected to turn a profit and at the same time generate employment  Economic progress suffers whenever an activity is transferred by yhr state from productive into unproductive and inefficient hands  In this era of globalization, efficiency ought to be of prime consideration  The disbarment of foreign nationals provided many African governments with the rationale to create employment for their nationals and party supporters  The basic cause off the present weakness of the corporation is political in nature  There has been a rather consistent tendency on the part of African leaders to select development projects that emphasize grandeur rather than economy ADMINISTRATIVE INEPTITUDE  The civil service is characterized by low morale, lack of discipline  Reform of the government machinery never materialized  Defects in the civil service machinery not only resulted in poor project planning but also in administrative blunders and financial mismanagement  Delays in project completion – with consequent cost overruns, poor coordination and in some cases the absence thereof – all took their toll on the efficiency of the state enterprises  The most simple calculations of costs and returns would have indicated the lack of viability inherent in many of the Corporation’s projects prior to their implementation VENAL TENDENCIES  African governments are characterized by overspending, wasteful practices, willful extravagance with public funds and financial irregularities and profligacy  Corruption seriously undermines the effectiveness of government – corrode popular confidence in public institutions  Corruption impairs the government’s ability to formulate and implement development policies FAILED GRAND INITIATIVES IN THE PAST  NEPAD – NEPAD document undertakes to respect the global standards of democracy whose core components include political pluralism  Was trumpeted as Africa’s own initiative – NEPAD is fatally flawed in many was BADGERING THE WEST  Playing the guilt trip card, NEPAD claims that the impoverishment of Africa has been accentuated by the legacy of colonialism  At independence Africa inherited a weak capitalist class, which explains the weak accumulation process  Insufficient rate of accumulation in the postcolonial period led to patronage and corruption  While slavery and colonialism did harm Africa, this card has excessively been overplayed by African leaders t
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