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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3398F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

MARXISM • wants a country that completely maximizes its potential in terms of power and economy • should have a vision of how they should be • Ayittey - participatory government, democracy, and praises a collective image with a respect for traditional values Rodney - for countries to establish socialist society, with a strong working class, one • strong class of the producers/ no foreign interference in social system - no imperialism or capitalism - keeping the wealth within the country for the good of the people - heavy into ownership by the people - accepts the state as a tool as long as it is controlled by the people • Rodney on Development: he looks at social relations and the quality of living for those on the bottom, not just economic factors. Every society develops not just european societies however there comes a time when you cannot develop anymore. Africa is not underdeveloped is it just developing at a different pace and has been impeded by places like europe and western america. Development involves increasing a capacity for countries to survive in their own environments. His view of a developed state is an industrialized state. the state must encourage individuals to grow their capacity for personal development TRACK OF DEVELOPMENT • all states began in a state of communalism: still prevalent in Africa. Rodney thinks this happened everywhere • all societies are on the same development track: started with slavery and then feudalism • slavery system initially was not a segregated industry, it was simply the people who were captured through war etc, they were not a 'black' commodity that was bought and traded in the marketplace - however it did become that way • in the feudal system, serfs did have some minimal rights to land however their ties were to the land not to the master as was the case in slavery • capitalism secedes feudalism: progressive in the sense that
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