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Political Science
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Political Science 3398F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

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INTRODUCTION • thesis: african problems can only be solved by a bottom up soft revolution by real african people • WHY IS AFRICA POOR • 1. lack of sound leadership 2. lack of political stability • • 3. lack of good infrastructure EXPANDING THE EXTERNAL RELATIONS • international organizations • foreign countries INTERNAL HISTORY OF MALI • long history of political instability - continuously changing parties • corrupt leaders - general Moussa Traore • Separatist movements - azawad • low development - GDP • bad infrastructure - stopping Mali's transports of goods • high rates of famine and set backs in women rights • low education education and restructures of freedom EXTERNAL AFFAIRS OF MALI • the influence of international organizations like WTO and IMF - IMF gave debt reductions in the 2000s • foreign relations with Algeria and Niger about border issues • ties to EU and Canada for aid and France as old colonialist • Ayittey isn't a fan of aid at all because he believes that it only fed corrupt leaders and didn't actually solve any problems at hand ALGERIA • January 1991 Mediator between Tuareg separatists and the Mali government • throughout 90s Algeria and Mali negotiate the Tuareg issue and border
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