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Lectures notes on Attraction and Love 2 .doc

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Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Lectures notes on Attraction and Love 2 Love Rubin’s Theory of Love · Affliation and dependence ( if I could never be with blank I would feel miserable · Predisposition to help ( I would do almost anything for blank) · Exclusiveness and Absorption ( I feel that I can confide in blank about anything) Validated by scores showing Males and females liking and love for partner was equal And that Being in love and marriage were correlated with Love scale scores. But lower love scale scores one time gazing at partner compared to higher love scale scores. Sternbergs Triangular theory of love · Intimacy- emotional closeness and mutual understanding · Passion- motivation for physical expression · Commitment- decision that one is in love and commitment to maintain love long term Consumate- I+P+C Companionate- I +C Romantic- I+P Fatuous- P+C Infatuation- P Liking- I Empty- C Love is Action: I=communicating, offering empathy. P=touching lovemaking. C= I love you, marriage. Testing The Theory: Intimacy scores relate with intimate behavior. So does passion and commitment scores. All three scales correlated with parallel measure of the three constructs. All scores correlated with each other and with relationship satisfaction. Discrepancies (current vs past) correlated with relationship scores. Stage not length correlated with increased intimacy and commitment and similar passion in guys and less passion in women. Love is a Story people develop stories, based on personalities and experiences, about what a loving relationship should be. People seek out stories that are most like their own. And those that have the same stories are more happier · Addiction- empty without partner · Garden- good relationship attainable if willing to spend time and energy. · Cookbook- follow steps · History- common history · Government- whos in charge · Travel- new journey; both interesting and challenging · War- healthy to fight Intimacy= negative business, game, mystery, police officer, and actor Passion- negative government actor and collector Commitment- negative government game and actor Maladaptive lack of satisfaction- business,cooking, game, horror Adaptive satisfaction- gardening, history, travel Passionate Love- state of intense longing. Reciprocated is associated with fulfillment and ecstasy. And Unrequited love is associated with emptiness, anxiety or despair. Theory of Passionate Love: Physiological arousal (anxiety or sexual) + cognitive label= LOVE (Passionate Love) Implications: mislabeling physiological arousal with love….Passionate love won’t outlast initial physiological arousal. Passionate Love and Misattribution to it Male participants rain in a high arousal and low arousal states (Time). Showed picture of hot or ugly girl. The arousal state contributed to the romantic and generall attraction and personality. Aroused males rated higher then not in all these catergories for an ATTRACTIVE person. Unaroused males scored higer in all these categories for an UNATTRACTIVE person Taboo Love More parental interference and increasing parental interfer
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