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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Lecture Notes on Attraction and Love 3 Attachment Evolution: it is essential for infants to have strong relationship with caregivers It is essential for parents to have pair bonded relationship “model of attachment” that one learns as a kid is the one used as an adult. John Bowlby’s Attachment All children have an internal working model of attachment that they use to guide interactions which results from amother child interaction. Differs across children and it is consequential. 1. Secure Attachment- caregiver dependable and reliable person 2. Anxious Attachment- caregiver unreliable source of support and comfort in distress 3. Avoidant Attachment- No comfort provided Ainsworth Strange Situation Parent infant enter room->child explores room->stranger enters room- >parent leaves->parent returns to comfort. S.A- Plays with toys->upset when mom leaves -> calms down when mom comes back. 65%of kids Anx.A- Clings to mother-> very upset when mom leaves-> does not calm down when mom comes back and clings on. 23% of kids Avo A- Plays with toy->not upset when mom leaves->accepts stranger comfort->child looks away upon return. 12% of kids. If caregiver is attentive then secury felt then playful kids If not then serpation anxiety If these separation kids have proximity as a viable option they cling if not that they don’t have an emotional response. Hazan and Shaver: Romantic Love as an Attachment (tested bowlby and Ainsworthy) Hypothesis- Attachments orientation should carry only to adult hood so proportions should be the same. WHICh they were Secure- Trust Anxious- fear of Avoidant- defensive abandonment and detachment from ones needs not others being met I find it east to get I find that others areI am uncomfortable close to people and reluctant to get as being close to comfortable close as I would like others. No trust. No depending on and my partner dependency them… doesn’t love me… Hypothesis 2- ….happy, friendly, ….obsession, desire Fear of intimacy, experience lovetrusting. Lasted for revenge, emotional high and relationships longer 10 years emotional highs andlows, jealousy and differently with 6% divorce lows, jealousy and low in everything sexual attraction. 5.97 12% 4.86 10% Hypothesis 3- ….Enduring love Will faill in love Doubt existence of expectations of and self worthy of easily but trouble love and doubt that love and own love making it last. No they need it.No lovablness HOHLOVE, DON”T HOHLOVE, INTENSE different BELIEVE LOVE WILL LOVE, BELIEF LOVE LAST WILL LAST OR REMAIN INTENSE Hypothesis 4- Mothers Mothers Mothers cold and different dependable inconsistent, father rejecting childhood responsive and was unfair attachement caring. Warm issures relationship between parents as well Hypothesis 5- Unlikely to be Very lonely Lonely but won’t differently lonely report it vulnerable to loneliness Hypothesis 6- Easy to get to knowSelf doubts, Can get along quite differentially and liked misunde
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