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Intro and History- Lec 2.odt
Intro and History- Lec 2.odt

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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Scientific Study of Sex: Introduction and History Why the Scientific Study of Sex? “what's a nice science like you doing in a place like this?” Justification for the Scientific Study of Sex - Sex research is a core Psychological Science: • clinical (devoted to people with mental health problems) • biological (identifying regions of the brains by doing certain things) • developmental (looks at changes ranging from infancy to old age0 • personality (devoted to individual differences between people) • social (examining social interactions) • evolutionary (based on sex – natural selection) - Sex research is a core Social Science: • sociology (core) • anthropology (customs and practices) • economics (ultimate resource) • history - Sex research is a core Medical Science: • anatomy • physiology • biochemistry • endocrinology • virology (bacterial and viral infections) The Social Comparison Motive • Alfred Kinsey – bug specialist (focus on wasps) - began collecting sexual histories from well over 13,000 people - categorized sexual history (age, generation of birth) - studied the degree of religiosity, gender, status - showed if you were normal compared to everyone else like you • humans have a powerful drive to compare their attributes and characteristics to some known standards of normality. • We don't have a way to satisfy our beliefs on sex--- so we ask questions about sex • sexual comparison drives students to be educated about sex People Need to KnowAbout Sex • What is an orgasm and how do I obtain one? • How can we stop theAIDS epidemic? • Why is my daughter gay? • Does pornography cause rape? Sex Leads to Babies • 28% of couples had unplanned pregnancies • percent sexually active couples DO NOTALWAYS use birth control • 42% (15-17), 24% (18-24), 18% (25-29) • *3 most common form of contraception = withdrawal* Sex Leads to Abortions • outcomes of unplanned pregnancies – married and unmarried women: - abortion (28%-50%) - miscarriage (13%-14%) - kept baby (63%-40%) - adoption (4%-2%) • 38%-45% of Canadian and US abortions are repeats - I am a victim of physical abuse - I am a victim of sexual assault Sex Leads to Infections: Bacterial and Viral • average age for first time intercourse is 16-18 • average age for marriage is 31 • Bacterial = Chalmydia, Gonorrhea • Viral = HSV, HPV, HIV Sexuality and Relationships • belief on sex life is individually based • sexual satisfaction is based on both partners • attachment orientation: very comfortable with close engagement • attachment avoidance: uncomfortable with closeness (try to avoid) • “Couple from Hell” = one orientation and one avoidance in relationship Sexual Orientation • orientation or preference • behaviour or attraction • lifelong of changeable • male and female partners • Etiology (cause) • binary, trinary, or more? • how many of us (them) are there? Sexuality andAging • health problems impact sexuality Sexuality and Disability • physical therapy to help sexual improvements Sexual Function Concerns • people say that their sexual desires are less frequent than they want it to be SexualAssault • forced sexual intercourse • 7% (15-17), 25% (18-24), 14% (married), 21% (unmarried) Sexuality and Controversy •
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