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Unit 4 & 5 - Female and Male Anatomy.pptx

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Psychology 2075
Leslie Janes

Chapters 4 & 5 Female and Male Sexual Anatomy and Physiology Part 2 Outline • Male sexual anatomy • Male sex hormone systems • Sexual differentiation – Atypical sexual differentiation Male Sexual Anatomy • The penis – glans, shaft, & root – corpus carvernosa – corpus spongiosum • Size issues • Foreskin – Circumcision • Jews and Muslims will remove the foreskins Male Sexual Anatomy • The scrotum – a sac or pouch with two chambers – Cremaster muscle • Holds the sac closer to the body in cold temperatures • This is because the sperm need warm temperatures – spermatic cord Male Sexual Anatomy cont’ d • The testes – secrete male hormones – produce sperm – seminiferous tubules • site of sperm production – epididymis • sperm maturation Male Sexual Anatomy cont’ d • The vas deferens – moves sperm from scrotum to ejaculatory duct through prostate • The seminal vesicle – secretes 70% of seminal fluid • Nourish sperm • The prostate gland – secretes about 30% of seminal fluid • Sperm survival in vagina Male Sexual Anatomy cont’ d • The Cowper's glands – secretes fluid before ejaculation – may contain active, healthy sperm – releases pre-cum which is not to lubricate • Semen (seminal fluid) – about 1 teaspoon – 200 to 500 million sperm – 1% of s
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