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Lecture 16

Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Opioid Receptor, Carfentanil, Cough Medicine

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PSYCH 1000
John Campbell

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December exam to be written in SSC room 2032
December 13 @ 7 pm
LSD experiments
- Hard to measure levels of creativity affected by LSD because there is no proper
measure of creativity
Recall: LSD targets serotonin
Potency =/= toxicity
- Physiological damage done to body by drug
- LSD considered non-toxic
- No known quantity that would cause an overdose
MDMA aka ecstasy
- Targets norepinephrine
- Creates empathy
- Decreases ability to pick up on negative emotions
- All derived from opium
- Opium comes from opium poppy
- Examples:
- Fentanyl
- Oxycontin
- Morphine
- Codeine
- 2 major effects of opioids
- Pain killing
- Mood changes (intense euphoria)
- Targets dopamine, increases its activity
- So effective because we already have opioid receptor system in body
- Oxycodone (aka percocet)
- Promoted as effective pain relief with minimal addiction
- Bayer used to promote heroin as a cough suppressant
- High toxicity drug
- Been used as a tranquilizer for large animals
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