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Lecfture 4-6

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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

thLecture 4 September 18 ndAlcohol 2 most widely used pactive substance in world90 westernized societies have consumed alcoholLuxemborg Portugallead consumptionconsumping about 20 litres of alcohol per year thats about 1100 drinks a year Note what a standard drink is15 fl oz of 80 proof liquor ie vodka rum 5 fl oz of wine or 12 fl oz of beer or wine coolerall these contain same amount of alcoholBeer typically consists of 47this is the bench mark for the othersyou cant break down can of bear so thats what the reference or bench mark is Wine is typically about 914 thMentioned Canada45 per capita in drinking about 440 drinks per year In both Canada and USA average age to start drinking 12and the average age of regular drinking is 16 80 of Canadians current drinkers of these20 of had episodes of heavy drinking ie bingeBinge drinking defiend as 5 or more drinks on a single occasion for male and 4 for female 8677 past year last month use for Canadian undergrads2004 2011 ontario drug health use and drug survery 55 Past year use78 40 gr 12s past year monthly171 gr 7s past yearmonthlyBinge drinking 22 past year this is in highschool students Use does not differ for sexesInhalants more used by gr 7s than gr 12s Only exception to fact that most drugs have higher in older grade use How often is problematic drinking categorized and how do you do thisQuestionnaires fori nstnacewhats called the AUDIT questionnaire isAlclhool use Disorder Idnentification Test You do it depending on scoreat risk Questionaire2 544301200 21I am dependent on alcohol 15 or moreMoney Spent on Alcohol Canadians spent 20 billion on alcohol in 2010667 per Canadian Underestimtates cause some dont drinkCanadians spent15 billion on health care expenditures premature death etc other costs on alcohol about 463 per Canadian15 of all health care costs have to do with alcohol use 10 of all deaths are alcohol related40 of all traffic fatalities with BAC of 10 or higher60 of fatally injured teen drives in car accidents50 of deaths from fires and accidental falls Alcohol often goes hand in hand with smokingfires Alcoholics die 1015 years earlier than general population and also risk of suicide about 30x greater than general population
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