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Wednesday January 11th Lecture Notes

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Western University
Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

thLecture 1Wednesday January 11 Drug a chemical compound that may produce psychological behavioural and psychological effects Psychoactive effectsalterations in cognitive behavioural and motor processes euphoria distortions of time perception hallucinations etcDrug Names Most drugs have 4 names o 1 Chemical names describe the type of molecule and the location of chemical groups on that molecule o 2 Generic names commonly used name o 3 Trade names given by the company and can only be used by that company o 4 Street names sometimes related to trade name a physical aspect of the drug or a purported effect Routes of Administration Drug must be administered and absorbed gets into blood circulationthen distributed throughout the body and leaves the site of action then metabolized and finally eliminated from the body Pharmacokineticsadministration absorption distribution metabolism and elimination of drugs Most common method of administration is oralcan also be absorbed by membranes inhaled or given by injection Oral Administrationo Stomach is highly acidica lot of drugs consumed are bases when put into an acidic environm
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