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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

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The SelfThere are three things extremely hard Steel a diamond and to know ones selfBenjamin FranklinWho are youPart 1 The Self Concept1Large set of attributes that are linked togetherPersonal dispositions Physical characteristics Preferences likesdislikesvaluesiLike Sherlock holmesiiAgainst capital punishmentSelf concept all the beliefs we have about the self represented by a large set of attributes linked together2Many different selves rolesdepending upon who I am with Play diff role w diff people eg Teacher uncle brotherhaving a complex selfconcept serves as a buffer to protect selfconcept3Some attributes associated w oneself Never messy as teacher or scientist4Some attributes more basic and enduring across situationsrolesmore basic and enduring can think of as basic personality traits lead to stabilityconsistency in behavior over time and across situationsiCuriousiihelpful5Potential selves ought self and ideal self Ie single and ought to be married
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