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Boys Will Be BoysGirls Will Be Girls A Clinical Perspective ofCrossGenderIdentityBehaviour in Youth Claire Salisbury MSc Clinical Psychology PhD Candidate Western University Whats on theMenu 5 GD in the DSM5 1 Terms 6 Treatment 2 Disorders of Sex Develop 3 dierent approaches 3 GI Development David Reimer Case 7 Social Transion in Nature or Nurture ChildhoodWPATH4 Gender Nonconformity 8 Case Examples Childrenadolescents Prevalencecoursecause Lets Clarify Some Terms SexBiological categories of male and female Disnguished by genes chroms hormones genitalia Female male intersexGender Social categories of male and female Disnguished by psychological featuressociological role aributes assigned to the biological categories of sex
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