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Psychology 2042A/B
Jeff St.Pierre

Psychology Lecture March 26 , 2013 Risk and Protective Factors DISCUSSION: RISK FACTORS: My parents divorced- why is this a risk factor? - Stress of losing parent in the house - Exposed to marital discourt (arguments) o May think self is to blame for arguments - Socio-economics: o From paying for one household to paying for two households - Poverty - Stress - my child has a learning disability o social implications bc you did poorly o parents mad about low marks o self- fulfilling prophecy o employment problems or poverty o health problems connected to poverty  lower income ppl don’t utilize all of services readily  junk food costs less  lower income ppl don’t eat as healthy o teen risks  low birth weight baby  colic (baby that cries a lot) - I am a parent and I have mental illness: o Ex. mom with depression PROTECTIVE FACTORS: - I read to my child everyday o Does so many positive things for parent/child bond or attachment - In our house we limit screen time o Effects of electronic media  Direct- mood, cognition, behaviour, beliefs/values, knowledge o Screen time= risk factor, putting limit on screen time = protective factor  Indirect- displacement of? • Social, health Influence of the Outside World on Children: - I have lived in the same house in Canada all my life o Beneficial  Know everyone in community  No stress with moving  Know community well, so you can find all resources o Stable and safe o Universal education and health care - My mom is a nutritionist o Less sick bc good meals o More knowledge about health - We eat meals together as a family harm vs protect factors: SLIDES: Big World Small Screen: - Movies - Radio - Tv - Video games - Internet **refer to media literacy concepts picture Negative Indirect Effects: - REFER TO PICTURE Exposure to Violent Media: **REFER TO SLIDE PICS - Violence on TV and Movies- over 1000 empirical studies o Children who see a lot of violence are more likely to view violence as an effective 1. Violence 2. Leads to emotional desensitisation What is the impact of 24 hour wireless internet access? - On your life? - On a child’s life? - Direct effects? - Indirect effects? What is the impact of 24 hour wireless internet access? - On your life - On a child’s life - “a social techonology that reduces social involvement” o i.e. if the world comes into your bedroom, why leave” - direct effects - indirect effects Learning Objectives - define risk and resiliency - summarize risk and factors and protective factors for child wellness outcomes - define reciprocal determinism - describe or be able to access strategies shown to assist children with high incidence disabilities and known risk factors o “problems are not stop signs, they’re guidelines” Refer to chart picture Lest talk about basketball - 2 girls live on the same block - Slight physical differences (nature) - Slight variance in parental choices (nurture) - Reciprocal determinism builds year over year o One girl asks for net after good practice and other doesn’t o The girl with the net gets better and better bc she has the net and more time to become expert Don Saklofske’s Research: - Correlation between: o Full scale IQ and affluence= o.5 o Full scale IQ and parental education= 0.5 o Full scale IQ and education rating= 0.68  American examples on FS IQ differences: • Black- 91.7, Hispanic 93.1, white 103.2 o These difference are more extreme in teens  Why? FSIQ by parent Education: *Refer to pic Education Percents by Group: *Refer to pic Parental Expectations Of Children’s Academic Success: - a good predictor of the child’s academic success - …is a good predictor of the child’s attained level of cognitive ability - …are communicated to the child in a myriad of
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