Psychology 2075 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Pregnancy Rate, Condom, Sexual Dysfunction

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Published on 13 Sep 2018
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
2:23 PM
It all started with porn
People who have the most children were the most offended with porn, why is this?
o Sexual emotions
Intense, characteristic, generalized, and consequential (do things we like, avoid things
we don’t)
How we feel about sex drives us to know what we actually know about it
o Having babies is easy
Not having babies involves performance of complex series of contraceptive
Learning about contraception
Anticipating intercourse
Publicly acquiring contraception
Communicating about contraception
Consistent use of contraception
o Sexual emotions drive selective avoidance or approach of contraception
(same as above) learning about contraception
Unless you're comfortable with sexuality, you will go out an use contraceptive
behaviours, if you are not comfortable =possibly having more kids
Campus wide intervention
All the steps of acquiring, using, and discussing contraception
Disinhibit emotional barriers to contraception
Inform, script and motivate contraceptive behaviour
After this, there was a drop of western pregnancy rate
AIDS: the ultimate STI
Transmitted by most pleasurable human activity of all
Transmitted by behaviour required for species survival
Keeps host well and infectious for about 10 years (HIV virus)
HIV prevention behaviour sequence
o Self-acceptance of sexuality
o Learning relative info about prevention
o Bring up prevention, or get out (can we use a condom?)
o Go public, get tested
o Consistent practice of prevention (feeling of relief)
o Shifting preventive scripts (abstinence, or HIV testing)
South African 15 year old: 2% chance she has HIV, at 20 she has 20% chance
o Most likely dating someone older who has HIV
Science of male and female sexuality
Science of porn
Science of sexual dysfunction and sexual pharmacotherapy
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