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Psychology 2115A/B
Stephen Lupker

thOctober 24Psych 2115ASpace perceptionHow we perceive positions of things in the environment 2D mosaic of colors and brightness brain takes information to useRetinal mosaic Da Vinci explained and understood how various cues can be put into the canvas to produce the perception of depth not very effectiveMuscular cuesEyes are coming together looking close and going apart looking far Convergence away can work up to 6m Lens thicken and thin out due to ciliary musclesAccommodation cues arent of much useBinocular cuescues you get by looking using one eyeMonocular cues types of cues Da Vinci discovered 1InterpositionDifferential distance depthWhen something is blocking something else the thing at the front A blocking the back B is seen as closer to you2Retinal Image SizeHow big is the thing on your retina cue for how far away it is Cue to distanceIsnt just retinal image size that matter Ex Dog 6 and the ball cover the same amount on your retinaFactor in the familiar size ball is perceived as being closer to us3Linear PerspectiveParallel lines as they recede from us look closer together they get closer on your retinaMake judgements of depth4Texture GradientEx Pope on his balconythe ones in front are bigger less densely packedThe heads in the back are smaller more densely packedPerceive the depth5Height in the picture planeThings closer to the horizon seem further awaySalamter and Galamter 1973N in Stevens Power law should be greater close to the horizon and vise versa Moon illusionMoon close to the horizon looks bigger than when its up in the sky Looks further away yet its the same retinal image size6ShadowingLight goes down from the sunGive a perception of depth and distance light hits the top and misses the bottomthOctober 24Psych 2115A7Relative BrightnessClose to an object more light is hitting your eyeLight decreases as a function of d2Want it further away Make it darker less light hitting your eye8Aerial perspectiveLook at something at a great distance the image is fuzzier and blueish Air is not pure stuff oating around in the airLots of stuff between you and the object when looking at a distanceWhen in a plane you dont have the aerial perspective cue functioning over dessert9Motion Parallax Moving and you are looking out at the world going by focus at some distance Objects in front of a certain distance look like theyre moving behind youPeople behind her look like theyre moving with me but not as fastRetinal Disparity Stimulating corresponding points in the two eyesAllows us to see the object as a singular thingEx Two ngers in front of one another a plane anything at that distance from you will hit corresponding points in the Horoptereye and create fuzed images Panums Area place around the horopter that allows for the same thing very smallJuleszcreated a stereogram ability to see 3D as a result of retinal disparity stereopsisStimulus where the only cue was retinal disparity utilize stereopsisCreate random dot stereogram random dots on a piece of paper gave perception of depthSquare of dots in the middle seen as a different depth than the rest shifted slightly When you fuse the two patterns together you get the middle square in a different position retinal disparity perceive it at a different depth Auditionshadowingecho can determine how far an object isDevelop a device that sends out ultrasonic signals that bounce backReading of the nearest thing Makes blind people deaf due to ear plugsSee if he could get used to the world being completely upside downCould do everything in two weeks ie Ride a bike Adaptation had consequences process of relearning
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