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Lecture 17

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Psychology 2115A/B

Lecture 17 Attention continued **Final- about 14 or 15 questions, study the things that he spent time talking about in class that WERE not on the other exams Treisman  Said it looks to be that certain things do get in without any help (system just up takes it)  Says that you do need attention to get the relational information  You can demonstrate thins with the pop out effect o The information in the display that you are looking for pops out at you- you know its there, when graphed it is a straight line  **ALL in madi’s noted from last week 2. Texture segregation  People were giving a bunch of index cards  On the index cards- there was either a vertical lines that spilt objects OR a horizontal lines segregating objects  Put these cards into stacks – splitting the vertical and horizontal  The objects on the cards were 5x5  You are able to do this very rapidly because the basic features (either the V’s or the O’s are noticeable and pop out at you  OR you can divide them by colour, but again the feature will pop out at you  **IF YOU DO ANY OF THESE EXPEIMENTS IT WILL BE VERY EASY BECAUSE THE FEATURES POP OUT AT YOU o 1. Divided by lines o 2. Divided by colours o 3. Divided by form  These are all easy to do, don’t require attention o 4. Conjunction  If there are Pink V’s and blue O’s for the first three lines, then the next two lines are Blue V’s and pink O’s  This is much harder to do  THESE REQUIRE ATTENTION 3. Independence of location and identity  I’m going to present you with a bunch of stimulus o There were some letters that were always in the display o 11 of the these stimuli will be pink O’s and Blue X’s) o The other one would be the letter H or an orange X or O o This experiment shows that the H- the features of the H will allow you to see the difference, but with the orange O or X- the form is the same, but the colour is different o Your job on every trial is to say is there and orange or H in every trial o If you get an orange stimulus- you will know that it is there- you don’t have to attend to it, even though you don’t have time to perceptually glue it to that location, you know the orange is there, but they may not know where it was o Similarly with the H- you can say that you know that there was an H, but you have no idea where, this is because the H has popped out at you, but they didn’t have time to glue it to a certain location  **Its in your perceptual soup (you know it there, just you don’t know where)  Contrast this with conjunction o You are looking for a pink X or a blue O (not the same as the background) o You will not get a pop out phenomenon o To get it right you are going to have to perceive the blue and the O at the same time or the Pink and the X at the same time  They have to be glued together (know the location) o If they get the location wrong- they have no idea what the stimulus was, they didn’t glue it, they are just guessing o There is attention required to perceive the features together Illusory conjunctions  Pink T, blue O, green S if you do not perceive these, maybe you will get a perception that is all mixed up (green s etc.)  This is because it is all in your perceptual soup you just have not glued it together  Treisman and Schmitt o Presented people with a very brief display of 5 characters o D L L L D o The D’s are numbers  Then would ask the people what are the two digits? o This makes sure that the people are looking at all of the displays  If the person said that they didn’t see anything—doesn’t matter move on  The experimenter told the person ahead of time that the letters where one of 5 (
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