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Psychology 2135A/B
Marcie Penner- Wilger

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Memory retrieval Retrieval  Retrieval plan -organized set of cues to retrieve the information -systematic -cues in plan should be organized so that no cue is likely to be forgotten -each cue should be able to lead to the recall of a number of items not recallable from other cues Encoding-retrieval interactions  Encoding specificity -retrieval depends on matching the specific encoding  Context effects/state-dependent recall -improvement (or decrement) in memory of having information occur within the same (or different) context -ex. Scuba drivers learn better when the environment is the same when they encode and retrieve information, those who learned things under water remembered things under water -ex. Study in a quiet environment, test in an environment more likely to do better  Spacing effect -greater spacing between study intervals=better recall Why do we forget?  Decay (short-term memory)  Interference-memory is there, but hard to get to -retroactive-difficulty recalling earlier items due to interference you learn later -proactive-difficulty recalling later items due to interference from earlier items; old stuff interferes remembering new stuff  Overwriting-the memories are changed by later events Recall vs. recognition-carved up in terms of tasks  Recall -presented with cue, produce info -process: memory search -depends on: connections, retrieval paths -ex. Short answer  Recognition -presented with info, -process: familiarity judgment -depends on: exposure, rehearsal -ex. Multiple choice questions -GOOD
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