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Psychology 2220A/B
Scott Mac Dougall- Shackleton

1201111Psychology 2220BIntroduction to Behavioural and Cognitive NeuroscienceWinter Term 201011also known as Psychobiology Biopsychology Biological Psychology Brain and BehaviourProf Scott MacDougallShackletonInstructorAdriana DiezTeaching AssistantPinel 8th EditionTextbookOlder editions may be used but at your own riskWebCTCheck WebCT OWL for all latest updates handouts changesto schedule assignments practice questions etcCourse Objectives This course will address the structure and function of thenervous system and how it controls behaviour The coursewill begin with foundational material including evolutionaryprinciples neural function neuroanatomy and neurosciencemethods Subsequently we will examine specific neuralsystems additional principles and effects of neuraldysfunction Although the course will require somememorization of information there will be an emphasis onlearning general principles of biopsychology applying themto new situations and thinking logically and critically aboutbiopsychological problemsBehavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Behavioural neuroscience Emphasizes basic neural mechanisms and processesbehaviours such as sleep emotions sensation motorcontrol123
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