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Ch 4: Analytic Psychology

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Psychology 2550A/B
Stephen Erdle

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Chapter 4Analytic PsychologyCarl Jung 18751961 y Jung believed in most of Freuds psychoanalysis concepts dreams etc y Their main source of disagreement was over the importance of sexuality in human personalityJung felt that spirituality was also important as a motivereligion was an important expression of spirituality y One emphasis Jung had that Freud didnt was known as teleology the idea that the future drives your behaviour rather than just the past y Jung believed that you are driven by plans and expectations for the futuredesires and wishes motivate our current behaviour Structure y Jung agreed that there were basic instincts and argued that they were life instinctsdisagreed that they were sexualthought there were also spiritual instinctsdriven by our spirituality as well and for our need for spirituality y Suggested that we have a personal unconsciousrepressed material and things that we dont want to bring into our conscious mind y According to Jung there are personal complexes in the unconscious consolation of ideas and feelings about a particular thing ex mother complex a lot of consolations of thoughts tied into your experience with your motherare often disturbing to them and interfere with their day to day living y Ad
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