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Lecture 8

Psychology 2990A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Human Factors And Ergonomics, User Friendly, Condom

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Doug Hazlewood

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November 28th Engineering Psychology (Chapter 8)
Prologue: Names and Definition
A. Other common names for field:
Human factors
Human factors engineering
Human engineering
Engineering Psychology * - to describe all of above names
B. Definition of Engineering Psychology
The science of:
o Determining appropriate behaviors for efficient operation of machines
o Designing machines for human use
Machines are broadly defined
Highlights two goals that led to development of field:
o Fitting user to machine
o Fitting machine to user
Part One: Historical Development
A. Design machine and ignore user of machine
Not effective
o Design of army tanks caused more damage to operators than enemies
Too much noise interfered w/ communication
Poor visibility directly in front of tank
Seating positions caused back and neck injuries
o Altitude displays in airplanes: too complex (took 7s to read; misread 12% of time)
B. Design machine and then “fit” user to machine
two approaches were adopted:
o design machine then select people who fit machine
ex: if strength required, select strong users; if intelligence required, select
intelligent users
problem w/ this approach: not always possible to find people who “fit
ex: Women in WWII weapons factories were not very productive
why? b/c machines designed for men women didn’t “fit”
machines (but no men to use them)
o design machine and then train people to use machine
ex: give pilots more training w/ altitude displays
“time and motion” studies: train workers to move more efficiently when
using machines (eliminate unnecessary movement)
problems w/ this approach:
training was time consuming and expensive to provide
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