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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Review: Real Change

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Psychology 3721F/G
Nelson Heapy

Chapter 11 Review: Real Change What is Real Change?  Our emphasis has been essentially about tricks  The Korean prisoner of war changes come closest to what we want to discuss now o The best example of this that we have covered o Went from being highly skeptic about communist to largely supportive of it to the point where when they come home after the war they were considered treasonous and had braced enough about communist that it was very worrisome that people could go from being capitalists to communists from some endocrine procedure o The coining of the phrase ‘brain washing’ – index of how dramatic the change as that the prisoners went through – thought their minds were washed of their previous beliefs and replaced with new ones o A clear index of ho worried people where about the techniques that were used on the prisoners of war o Many for the prisoners of war who where sympathetic to the communists over time became more and more oriented towards capitalist point of view – over time, their change became eroded  A total change, a transformation of perspective o A complete shift of belief system = real change Conversion Experience  Augustine o First example of an autobiography in literature o Augustine proves some detail about how he went from a particular kind of religious stance that involves the belief that the world we live in involves powers and sources that involves a conflict between good and evil where good and evil are equally powerful o Conversion to Christianity o When he was a young man, he was a nasty bit of business – details in his autobiography that although he came from a wealthy family, he engaged in theft and rape o Also had a variety of interesting insights from his young – in regards to his stealing he thought it was become of the crowd he hung out with  group influence rather than something he would do on his own o The kind of thing that is of interest is that he goes through a radical change o Goes through a period of personal turmoil – part of this because of some of the teachings he was exposed to in terms of Christianity o Get the sense that he had to go thorough a difficult experience before he would emerge out of his previous life into someone who would eventually be called Saint Augustine o Goes from a low individual into a saint o Overcoming addiction seems to follow this type of conversion  Similar to what those in AA have to go through?  As an addiction, it is difficult to give up  The advent of AA comes form two men who came together because of an experience they had – they had a religious experience  Men who were completely addicted to alcohol and their lives were in complete shambles  One had a moving religious experience where he talked to God  Out of this experience came the transformation of this person into a sober individual  In AA the idea is that you have to turn your life over to a higher power  Its founders and many people who do recover from alcoholism believe that this is something they have to go to – have to hit rock bottom to realize the horrible state they came to and then give up their ride and turn their lives over to a higher power and follow the dictates of AA  Dostoevski o Was a very different person when he was a young man in comparison to when he wrote his novels o Was a radical, left wing politically committed individual o Was living in the time in the 19 century when the Zar (aristocratic rule) were running Russia - were ruthless sin how they ruled – would not tolerate any kind of questioning of their authority o Was the case that he was engaged with other young colleagues in doing things that were treasonous – were publishing works that were openly critical of the regime o His arrogance of youth – he knows if he is caught distributing these documents that he would face the death penalty o He is caught and tried and sentenced to death o The official story goes that he is out in the jail yard and was about to be shot by a firing squad o At the last second before the person leading the death sentence yells ‘fire’, a rider on a horse comes and waves a document and informed them to stop o The document is a pardon from the Zar – says that the person was wrong in their thinking but that they are going to spare his life o At this point, he goes through something like a transformation –was a radical writer and political advocate, but once he has been spared by the Zarf, the person who was the epitome of what he hates, he comes a devote Christian o Not only becomes a devoted Christian, but he starts to write novels that have an amazing impact on those who read them o Underlying all of his mature novels is an effort to confront the position of atheism versus Christianity or non-religious vs. religious o As a solution, Christianity wins o He also always portrays those that are the antagonists to Christianity the more interesting characters – the ones who have a broader personality, more intelligent in terms of education –
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