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Western University
Psychology 1000
Erica Lawson

January 10, 2013 Thinking & Problem Solving - Language Learning - Heuristic Processing - Problem Solving Next Time: Intelligence Scan: p. 355 – 363 - How do infants acquire language? - What is thought? - What shortcuts do people use when problem solving? The One-Word Speaker  5 to 8 months of age, respond to parents’ words  Talking begins 10 to 20 months  Early vocabulary simple e.g. Nouns (mama, duck) Interactions (hi, peekaboo) Adjectives (hot, big) #1 word: NO  Likely to contain objects that infant can manipulate (“ball” more likely than “ceiling”)  Difficult to tell what kids mean when the use single words Tend to undergeneralize The Two-Word Speaker  Telegraphic speech  Starts around 2 years old  Vocabulary ≈ Several Hundred Words  Speech shows proper organization  “Throw ball” not “Ball throw”  By 2 ½ years old child moves beyond 2 words, and sentences become more complex  Start searching for rules of generalization  The 4 or 5 year old makes mistakes in tense e.g. “runned” not “ran”, eated” not “ate”  Child now overgeneralizes rules  Formal schooling takes over January 10, 2013 Nature vs. Nurture So far, it seems as if the brain is “hard-wired” for language  Will language develop “on its own”? A. Wild Children  No Consider Amala (1.5 years) & Kamala (8 years) B. Isolated Children Maybe Isabelle (6 year old)  Yes Dominique (5 year old)  Yes Genie (14 year old)  No C. No Models e.g. Deaf kids with hearing parents who do not sign  Kids develop ow
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