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chapter 17

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Psychology 1000
Terry Biggs

Chapter 17- Treatment of Psychological Disorders The Helping Relationship Goal of Treatment: 1 - Help people change maladaptive, self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behavioural patterns 2 - Live happier, fulfilling lives Facts: 3 - Most people do not seek help from mental health professionals 4 - Nearly 30% of NorthAmericans seeks psychological counseling Mental Health Professionals: 5 - Counseling and clinical psychologist o 5 years of extensive training in psychotherapy 6 - Psychiatrists 7 - Psychiatric social workers: work in community agencies 8 - Marriage and family counselors: family relations 9 - Pastoral counselors: spiritual issues 10 - Abuse counselors: substance and sexual abusers their victims Psychodynamic Therapies As introduced by Freud, psychoanalysis involves the probing of the unconscious for the deep-seated conflicts that gave rise to a particular disorder. The classic Freudian psychoanalysis is not practiced as much today. It is a long and expensive process that many therapists have abandoned. Nonetheless, it is useful to look at the steps involved (e.g., dream analysis and free association) and how we begin to get to the unconscious. Many of the contemporary psychoanalytic therapies will borrow parts from traditional psychoanalysis. Focus: 11- Internal conflict and unconscious factors 12- Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis Goal: 13 - Help clients achieve insight (conscious awareness of their thought, feelings, and behaviours) 14 - Help the clients adjust to their current life situations 15 - In essence: help them understand why they are not adapting well with life and create solutions for these problems Free Association: 1 - Clients are asked to report the thought, images, and feelings they are aware of while the analyst sits behind them 2 - The point is for the analyst to try to notice
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