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Lecture 16

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Psychology 1000

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Psychology Lecture 16 Depth perception, size constancy, perceptual problem solving  How do we perceive depth?  What happens after we determine object distance?  How do we figure out what we’re looking at?  Gestalt approach o Similarity o Proximity o Closure o Importance of expectation and context  See a word and then a picture with 2 meanings, you see the image relating to the word  Depth Perception o Binocular versus monocular cues  Two eyes vs. one eye in use  Retinal disparity  Distance shown in each eye is not the same  Brain calculates how far objects are through this disparity of distance o Monocular cues  One eye is needed to see the cue  Relative size  Looking past one to another, the closer person looks bigger  Overlap  The more complete image is closest to you  Linear perspective  Lines converge to a vanishing point  Where the lines come together, converge, is the farthest point  Texture Gradient  Density of images in front of you
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