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Psychology Lecture 37: Groups Test is on Chapters 9-13 Reducing Obedience, Social Facilitation, Group Decision Making  How does the individual influence the group?  How does the group influence the individual?  Do groups make better decisions than individuals?  Counteracting Obedience o Personal responsibility  Obedience drops dramatically o Disobedient models  2 confederates refuse  Obedience drops to 10%  What is a group? o 2 or more people  The individual in the group o Group effects on individual  Social facilitation  Triplett (1898) o Cyclists o Fishing reel task  You work faster when in a group, doesn’t even have to be competitive, just having someone there gives the effect  Allport (1924) o Mere presence of others facilitates performance  They don’t even have to be doing the activity o But others report social inhibition  Presence of others decreases performance o Why does this happen? Why not constant? o Drive theory  Drive to do things correctly or to complete them  Tendency to preform dominant response o Correct  When doing a well learned task or a simple one  Improved performance, facilitation o Incorrect  Trying a complex task or something you’ve never done  Impaired performance, inhibition  Cottrell (1868)  Effects due to evaluation apprehension  Presence o
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