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Lecture 3

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Psychology 1000

Lecture Three – What is Psychology? Reading the Text -think about background info -survey titles, headings -outline the chapter, don’t memorize -decide how much you will read -look at the heading, and ask yourself what it is about -look at the layout for clues (bold) -look for the big picture -paraphrase section, key words, concepts -make summary notes -Make up test questions Time Management -identify best time for study -study difficult subjects first -distributed learning, study in chunks -supportive learning environment -set time for social life -set time to sleep and eat -combine activities What do Psychologists do?  Psychology is whatever psychologists do  43% clinical, 11% counseling, 4% developmental, 5% educational, 8% experimental, 7% industrial/organizational, 2% personality, 7% school, 4% social, and 9% others (legal psych, or maybe considered in more than one category)  Most psychologists are clinical -> though it’s not the only part Pioneers of Psychology  Rene Descartes o Philosopher, not a psychologist o Interested in human behaviour, and how the body works -> reflex arch  Gustav Fechner o Author, philosophy and religion o Came up with a way of measuring sensory experience -> his methods are still used today  Wilhelm Wundt o Founder of psychology, 1879 -> first psychology lab o His work is on structuralism, and experiences  William James o Studi
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