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6 Psychological Perspectives on Columbine The behavioral perspective helps to explain the external environmental factors that motivate behavior. Considering this, we may assume that numerous things could have had an impact on the two shooters. They could have been exposed to gun violence as children either on TV or in their home, leading them to believe that gun violence isn’t wrong. They could have been allowed to go hunting with their family allowing them to have been exposed to using guns and not associating them as something that is wrong. The psychodynamic perspective helps explain the unconscious forces that motivate behavior. In the video we hear that the two gunmen are after boys in white hats, this could be because they had a negative interaction with certain students that are associated with wearing these white hats and they are going to get back at them by killing them. Sociocultural perspective explains how culture influences the way that people act. Keeping this in mind we could assume that these two white males grew up playing video games that included gun violence. This then sends a message to young boys that it is okay to use gun violence in play, and this gives the underlying message that gun violence is fun and games. The two boys are also Americans, and in American culture, the right to bear arms is a part of their constitution, so they believe that it
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