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Lecture 5

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Psychology 1000

Lecture Notes September 20 2011 Research Methodsmore study tipsscientific methoddesigning a study Scan Finish chapt2 and pg 6975spiritual health is now becoming an important part of overall healthyoga and meditation are used to help find the spiritspeople can experience spiritual awakening they feel energy coming out of their headsheadaches disappear all bodily discomfort escapes the bodyspiritually changing awakening s come from midlife crisis neardeath experiences creative awakening western doctors dont really deal with spirits and are sometimes misdiagnosed how do you figure out if the spiritual awakening is actually happening Hwo do you know when a chatra is blocked or not blockedHow do you predict who hasdoesnt have spiritual awakeningsTheres a lot of stuff that medical science doesnt know aboutWhen we dont know about things like the spiritual awakenings we use the scientific method to explain thingsScientific Methodhow do we validate claimsHow do you design an experimentWhat are the advantages of the experimental methQuestionsWhat names do we need to know Freudian theory Peroget theoryOther people who have theories named after them handwriting is controlled by CNSintimately connected to development of personalityno valid science that you can predict your personality from your writng Get the Most from Lecture 1 active listening is importantattend to speakeranticipate 2 read ahead 3 write speakers comments in your own words 4 attend to clues
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