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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Psychology 1000

September 29 2011 sometimes believing in a cure is the cure itselfPhineas Gage in an accident putting a metalrod through his head no physical deficits mostly psychological deficits Diff areas of brain are responsible for diff functionsAmygdola emtionsFrontal cortx higher order processing making sense rationalizing thingsIf parts are disconnected they dont work so well this is what happened to GaugeWhat happens when multiple neurons synapse How do drugs work They have an effectlevel of synapseWhat are the major structures of the brainSynaptic transmission A occurs only in cns B occurs instantaneously C doesnt involve chemical comm D explains dealy in respondse latency for a reflex arc AnswerDNeuron Reviewsemipermeable memberanecharge due to ions 70mvgenerate action potential in all or none fashionintensity coded as frequencyaction potential pushes vesicles toward gapneurotransmitters diffuse across gaplock and key receptorsdepolarization EPSPhyperpolarizationIPSPneurotransmitters whole lot to do with psychological systems NE DA and 5HT will repeatedly show up depression schitzophrenia etc Drug EffectsAlter psychological feeling pain perceptionIncrease or decrease amount of transmitterProcesses that terminate transmitter action ex preventing reuptake SSRI serotonin inhibitor Stimulates or blocks receptor sitesAll work at level of synapseNovacane is the only drug that prevents action potentials all other drugs work at level of synapse
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