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Chpt 11 Lecture

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Chapter 12 LecturesLecture 1 Cognitive DevelopmentIssues in DevelopmentNeural DevelopmentVisual DevelopmentWhat influences developmentHow does the brain change in the newbornHow does the visual system change over the first few months of lifeDevelopment changes in abilities over timeWhat Influence DevelNaturematurationDetermines the rangeNurturelearningChoose the alternativestwo interact and both influence develStagelike Develdiscontinuousstages separated by rapid growthCaterpillar to butterflyQualitative differenceContinuous Develsmoother continual changeQuantitative difference Normative vs individualNormativeTypical sequence of changeLook for consistency methodology is crosssectional Going to look at people of different ages see what one can do vs otherIndividualConsistency not thereLook at individualMethodology is longitudinal Chapter 12 LecturesTake one person or group and follow them over timeBrain Devel100200 b neurons at birthNeurons not produced after second trimesterIncrease in weight 3501400g due to glial cells and myelinationof synapses increase rapidlyCortical devel mirrors emergence of abilitiesFrontal lobe develops lastTaste and Smellvery much like adultSuck faster for sweet liquidbananasReject salty liquidRotten eggsSuggests these sensory systems are probably hardwiredWill get some learning but mostly natureHearingbirthresponds to wide variety of soundsPrefer complex soundsSensitive to sounds in range of human voiceIf you read to an infant as a fetus they recognize thatThe Cat in The Hat tested for preference for certain materials readVery shortly after birth who were read before birth prefered moms sound of reading the book vs strangerfirst few daysTurn in direction of soundDiscriminate sound sequences Visual Systemiris gray or blue pigment comes laterBasic machinery working at birthPupil not able to fully dilateRetina not completely formed
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