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Lecture - Secular Humanism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Religious StudiesDefinition and Secular HumanismDefinitions of Religion y Karl Marx o Political scientist economist and philosopher o Religionopium of the people o Opiumpain killer but people are not addicted to it but need religion to relieve pain pain caused by the rich and elites who oppress the people o Something to tell them their suffering is worthwhile and only lasts a lifetime o Problem with religionmasses suffering and religion good enough pain killer people will not stand up against oppression more antioppression not antireligion o Didnt believe were religious from birth y F Max Muller o Born with innate capacity to be religiousIndependent from religion o Mental faculty of faith o Everywhere you find religion it is genuine o No one true religion in some sense genuine o Studying other religions importantalso studying yourself o Religion scaleprimitive religions on bottom Christianity on top o Gets rid of religion truefalse not superiorinferior y Tylor tho Anthropologist 19 Century o Was in the basic essence of religion Looking for common factorBelief in spiritual b
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