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Lecture 1 - Taoism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

November 11 2010 Taoism y Seems almost the complete opposite of Confucianism y Time Periods during Chou Dynasty o SpringAutumn Period 722481 BCE o Warring States Period 481221 BCE y Taoists proposed a solution to this problem in China o Dont talk much about rulers o Solution Confucius offered is not right it wont work o Confucius pushed cultural education learning ritualWithout these things you are not a human o Taoists said on the contrary said that this will warp them out of shapeThis interactions are the epitome of unnaturalartificialRuin their true humanityReject book learning and ritualized version of societyPay attention to Confucius and Mencius and poke fun at them y Unnamed debate with the Confucians y 2 Taoist traditions o Philosophical Taoism o Religious Taoism not learning about y Philosophical Taoism o 3 textsPreHan Dynasty focus on 2 o Not a reli
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