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Lecture 1 - Japanese Buddhism

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Western University
Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Japanese Buddhism 1 y How does Buddhism get from China to Japan Why did they embrace it o First goes to Korea then to Japan o Missionary religion Chinese Buddhist monks travelled to Korea 372 thCE 4 Century o Buddhism was associated with high Chinese cultureVery different from China China highly advancedBelieved they were bringing Buddhism actually brought high Chinese culture impressed with Chinese cultureAlso brought Chinese science medicine art writing calendar making etc o Chinese do it so they should too adopt Chinese culture full sail tho Arrived in Japan 552 CE 6 Century o Korea divided into 3 Kingdoms King of Paeche sent letter to Japanese Emperor KimmeiSent Chinese Buddhist image and writingBuddhism powerful magic to grant wishesKing supports Buddhismreligious merit not only a denouncing religionHitting on aspect of Buddhism of a righteous Buddhist king peaceful
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