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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Islam

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Western University
Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Islam 5 y After the death of Muhammad chief takes control y 2 groups Immigrants and Helpers y Immigrants claimed that they were closer to the prophet because they were from the same tribe as the prophet claim they are the original Muslims y Helpers claim there wouldnt be an Islam if they didnt help the immigrants y Dark side of Jahiliyya still continues my tribe is better etc 4 Rightly Guided Caliphs Golden Age of Islam y 1Abu Bakr o Aishas father o Immigrant no ones first choice o Elected somewhat democratic the elite men were to ones who voted o Rules for 2 years o Fits the model of the chief o Some claim that they had no treaty with Abu Bakr just Muhammad o Abu Bakr became known as caliph successor therefore took over the role of Muhammad and all the contracts signed with Muhammad apply to Abu Bakr o Ridda Warsapostasy wars
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