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Western University
Sociology 2172A/B
Gale Cassidy

November 21 2012 lecture Advertising & Gender 10picturesofadsthatwetalkedaboutintheexam first finish unitedcolorsofBenetton - multi national - audience is younger people - people like how there so edgy - other people say they are taking advantage of the disadvantaged - and people argue there just out there to make money - show images and ads of black and white people - black and white together - sales going down recently - similar chains beating them- HnM - so they brought up the un-hate campaign - commercial - they argue that the line between love and hate is a fine line - hate and love are not as far away from each other as we think - hoping to raise awareness- critics say they may have gone too far - taken leaders with some animosity between them and made ads of them kissing - bennington ad of pope got in a lot of trouble, Vatican said they would bring in legal actions - lack of respect of the pope - bennington says that its a symbolic representation of reconciliation (a kiss) Killingussoftly4(2010) - pattern of what it meant to be a woman in culture - advertisings image of woman - 3000 ads everyday - everyone feels exempt from the influence of advertising - we process them mostly subconsciously - a toxic cultural environment - ads sell more than products - tell us who we are and who we should be - tells us about woman: the most imp is how we look - we learn from a young age that we need to look good - we see 4 or 5 women put together to make 1 ad - the pictures are worked on 30 times - artifical images - but real women and girls measure up to this image - influences how men see woman - judge them - womens bodies turn into things - objects - creates a climate where there is a widespread violence - the person is dehumanized and then violence occurs - just one part of the body is focused on - dehumanized them - breasts usually cut out - were obsessed with breasts - 12 mill per year on surgical procedures November 21 2012 lecture - breast implants - lose sensation - then an object of someone else's pleasure - message that there is no way to have nice boobs - they hit adolescence and they hit a wall - men: calvin klein men - jeans - not the same - men dont live in a world where there bodies are always judged - told were acceptable if were perfect - if your not beautiful you will be made fun of - pop culture mocks the normal weight celebs - size 0 - girls aspierd to become nothing - vouge has to retouch photos to make them look fatter - kate winslet - says she dosent look like that - obesity - solotion isnt to make girls starve themselves - solution to obesity and to the obsession of thinness are related in the way th
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