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Class Notes for Sociology at Western University (UWO)

WESTERNSOC 2172A/BGale CassidyFall

Sociology 2172A/B Lecture Notes - Compulsive Buying Disorder, Mary J. Blige, Aboriginal Peoples In Canada

OC6723022 Page
28 Nov 2012
Use of subliminal sexual symbols or objects. Claims through these sexual messages you can get consumers to do what you want them to do. Ritz cracker: c
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WESTERNSOC 1020Kim LutonFall

Sociology Notes (First term).doc

OC6678563 Page
13 Nov 2012
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WESTERNSOC 1020Kim LutonWinter

Sociology 1020/1021E- Luton

OC165452110 Page
6 Sep 2013
Biological category based on physiological & anatomical difference. Ascribed status born with; result of cell formation. We dichotomize sex when it run
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WESTERNSociology 2152A/BWilliam MarshallWinter

Sociology 2152A/B Lecture Notes - Louis Wirth, Concentric Zone Model, Urban Sociology

OC21988521 Page
16 Dec 2013
Majority of the world"s population lives in cities. ~2/3 of the world"s urban population live in cities over 100,000 people. ~1/3 of the world"s urban
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WESTERNSociology 2191A/BHamelnickWinter

Sociology 2191A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Symbolic Interactionism, Mind Map, Individualism

OC9232224 Page
15 Oct 2015
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WESTERNSOC 2172A/BGale CassidyWinter

Sociology 2172A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Collectivism, Self-Actualization, Culture Of The United Kingdom

OC5040561 Page
23 Mar 2017
Three aspects of advertising style a. b. c. The value and motives included in the central message. Appeals reflect the values of that culture-- these a
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Sociology 2259 Lecture Notes - Erving Goffman, Identity Management, Witch-Hunt

OC2046218 Page
15 Nov 2013
Stigma: a deviant label applied to an individual by society: the situation of an individual who is disqualified from the norm . Stigmatization: process
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WESTERNSOC 2256A/BProfWinter

Sociology of Corrections.docx

OC93459142 Page
23 Apr 2014
Punishment and corrections in the early 21st century. The severity of punishment is modified, how harshly we punish people. Explanations of criminal be
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WESTERNSociology 2151A/BWilliam MarshallFall

Sociology 2151A/B Lecture Notes - Urban Revolution, Urban Ecology, Urban Contemporary

OC2291321 Page
28 Feb 2013
Population: size influences how they behave, their social organization, Organization: more people more rules, complicated social structure. Environment
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WESTERNSOC 2172A/BGale CassidySpring

Sociology 2172A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Ableism, Danone

OC3415625 Page
22 Oct 2014
Advertising and the other the other: less dominate groups: minorities, older adults, disabilities, glbt, overweight people. Advertisers: don"t want to
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WESTERNSociology 3308F/GKim ShueySpring

Sociology 3308F/G Lecture 1: Work and Health (Full Year Lecture Notes)

OC11461247 Page
11 Apr 2016
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WESTERNSOC 2235Gale Cassidy

Sociology 2235 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Flextime, Ann Oakley, Absenteeism

OC12217393 Page
24 Jan 2018
Subsistence economies worked for their basic needs. Men and women"s spheres in capitalism did not move from one society to another. It developed and em
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