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Western University
Sociology 2253A/B
Jennifer Silcox

Police: • Involved when a crime is committed and discovered/reported. • Police go to the scene of the crime and gather evidence, investigate to build a case. They try to reconstruct the scene of events. • Once sufficient evidence is gathered, then they arrest someone and inform them of their rights. (1. reason for arrest; 2. right to a lawyer in private; 3. right to a free legal aid; 4. the right to remain silent). • Once back at the police station, run background information collected to identify the person. Booking: Process of gathering information and taking photos. Bail Phase: if the person is dangerous then the bail is set very high or denied. The person arrested is held in a cell if the bail is not paid. Court Systems (provincial and federal): Provincial Courts: 1) Lower Courts (province appoints) 2) Superior Courts(Federal Government appoints both) 3) Court ofAppeal 1) Lower Courts: • Summary offences • Manslaughter or Robbery • Judge alone 2) Superior Courts: • Any criminal case • 1 level of appeal • Judge or Jury 3) Court of Appeal: • Panel of Judges (3-5) • Listens to lawyers from both sides. • The higher court reviews the actions of the lower court. • One can get an appeal if procedure was not followed. • Get a new trial or appeal the length of sentence. For less serious cases, Alternative Dispute Resolution: • Informal hearing infrastructures designed to mediate interpersonal to mediate interpersonal disputes without need for the moral formal arrangements of criminal trial courts. • Offender hears from victim and how it felt. Federal Courts: 1) Federal Courts (trial division) 2) Federal Courts of Appeal 3) Supreme Court of Canada 1) Federal Court • over 20 judges • Civil suits against the government. • Copyright laws. • Th
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