19th Century Landscape

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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

19th Century LandscapethLandscape in the 19 century became a genre of its own Increasing tourism contributed to its popularity The notion of the picturesque became particularly resonant in the Romantic era and in the 19th century especially in Northern Europe they shared this sentimentIn landscape artists found an ideal subject to express the Romantic theme of the soul unified with the natural world All nature was mysteriously permeated by being and landscape artists had the task of interpreting signs symbols and emblems of universal spirit disguised with visible material thingsArtists no longer merely beheld a landscape but rather participated in its spirit becoming translators of natures transcendent meanings The Haywain By John Constable 1821 Oil on canvas 43 x 62 After the industrial revolution there were a number of displaced farmers who could not afford to farm their land and the artist wanted to address the agrarian situation in his worksShows a cottage to the left in a picturesque country landscape and in the centre there is a man leading a horse and wagon across the streamThere are billowy clouds in the sky and the muted greens and golds and the delicate brush strokesadd to the scenes tranquilityThe artist shows the Romantic oneness with nature and the relaxed figures are not observers butparticipants in the landscape The artist made many studies of nature that helped him in his paintings to create a realism that wonhim revere The artist had a gift for capturing the texture of the atmosphere caused by weather that delicately veil what is seenThe artist used tiny dabs of local color mixed with white and this gives his works a shimmer of lightThe painting does not show the civil unrest of the agrarian w
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