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Visual Arts Studio
Visual Arts Studio 1020
Kim Luton

Name of Society: Jam Rock- We were transported to planet Jam Rock due to the spread of a disease on Earth that was wiping the entire human race. There was havoc all over earth as the virus was spreading quickly. The only way of survival was escaping planet Earth and starting a new life elsewhere. During all this chaos going around, Adam had been working on a space travelling machine for the past 15 years. He presented his invention to the government, media and radio stations. However, everyone portrayed no interest in his idea stating it was immature and would'nt work. Adam chose to take his spaceship for a trial with 9 other people who were willing to take the risk. Upon being successful in his journey, he chose to name this new planet, planet Jam Rock. He chose to call it Jam Rock as he along with many others on the spaceship were from the country Jamaica and were really happy and hopeful upon the success of their mission. Table of Content Worksheet 1: Background Given Items: Food Time: 5 years Soybeans Powdered Orange Juice Rice Vegetables Oil Seeds to plant rice, soybeans, wheat, several vegetables Clothing Time: 15 years All items are in variety of sizes. Work boots Pants and shirts Hats Gloves Underwear Rain Gear Shelter Time: Lifetime 5 pre-fabricated metal buildings size of a classroom Equipment Each building has a stove that can be fueled by straw, wood, peat/alcohol (fire side) Pots Hammocks Blankets Distillery Shovels Hoes Saws Buckets Knives Hammers Medicine Time: Several Years (our estimate is 5-6 years) First and Second aid Vitamin and Mineral Supplements No Birth Control Supplies Books Farming Nutrition Construction Personal and Community Hygiene Survival Skills Medical Manuals Worksheet 2: Current Population 1. Name of the society- Jam Rock 2. We decided to not include anyone from the supplementary sheet provided. This is because our group consists of six members, out of which, four have decided to bring their significant others, resulting in the planet consisting of 10 people. This is a perfect proportion of people for us as it works in convenience with the items provided resulting in us being able to rely on them for a long time. We chose to bring people with different skills in order to create diversity in our society so that it may be most beneficial to everyone at Jam Rock. We also accompanied some of these people with us as they are closely related to one of the members in the group. 3. Our planet consists of the following people: Komal Moondi, age 19- her status is of a teacher. This is because she has studied various subjects inclusive of sociology, politics, agriculture, math and other social studies. She has achieved the status of a teacher due to her diverse knowledge along with her patient and open mind attitude. Role in Society: To run a day care centre for children in the society, where she will be providing them with education along with teaching them mannerism. Jasmine Stone, age 21- Komal chose to bring Jasmine as her guest to Jam Rock because Jasmine is Komal's best friend. Jasmine is also a graduate for medical sciences which is why she has achieved the status of a doctor. Her degree has required her to practice on several patients giving her the experience and the people of Jam Rock faith in her to be a doctor. Role in Society: Taking care of the people who need medical help and looking for additional resources for medical supplies. She will also be teaching everyone basic measures to avoid getting sick. Rubab Ali, age 19- she is a social worker and a consultant in Jam Rock society. This is because Rubab has worked with Dr. Peters in New York City (who is a psychologist). She also has experience in volunteering with children and elderly. Role in Society: Taking her experience in consideration, Rubab will be providing consultation to the people who miss their lost/loved ones from Earth or have some other problems along with helping them adjust on this new planet. She will also act as a spiritual leaders for those who may require spiritual assisstance. This will also include in her ensuring that everyone is being treated fairly resulting in her acting as a mediator at several times when required. Hugh Jackson, age 21- Rubab chose to bring Hugh as she is in a relationship with him. They are high school lovers who will soon be getting engaged. Hugh lived in a small town called Woodstock on planet Earth. He worked with his dad at the greenhouses, where they planted several flowers, fruits, and vegetables. This resulted in Hugh achieving the status of a farmer in the society. Role in Society: Hugh's role in the society is of growing crops and cultivating the land. Melissa, age 20- Melissa is a 20 year old girl who studied fashion in university. She loves sewing, dressing up, and working with clothes. Being blessed with so much talent she has been achieved to design everyone's gear in the society, in a way that is most effective for all. She will be doing this in a very efficient manner by taking care of the clothes and re-using the materials as often as possible. Melissa will also be ensuring a clean and healthy residence for all at the buildings. Role in Society: Melissa's role in society is to ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene along with prepare sets of clothing for everyone. She will also help Jasmine and Komal when required. Peter Roberts, age 22- Peter is Melissa's brother, which is why she decided to bring him along as her guest. He is also very creative like her, and enjoys cooking. Being a remarkeable cook, Peter has achieved to cook and clean for everyone, however people are encouraged to clean after themselves. He has achieved several awards for cooking prior to coming to Jam Rock and is responsible to use the ingredients provided wisely. Roles in Society: Helping the farmer in clutivation and cooking meals for the society. He will also be teaching the society to cook so they may be able to cook for themselves in the future and encourage everyone to clean after themselves, however ensuring overall cleanliness himself. Delbert, age 19- Delbert was a well-known engineer on planet Earth who chose to come to planet Jam Rock with his girlfriend of two years, Sara Joseph. Due to his high intellectual level, he won many awards for building robots, small machines, etc. Delbert has achieved to build tools and work on projects for construction purposes in order for the future generations to have a better lifestyle. This may vary from small items as writing utensils to bigger projects such as roads, buildings, and machines which may be used for different purposes. He will also be working on creating sanitary places via using the tools provided such as shovels, etc. away from the farms and residences. Delbert will also be responsible for finding water and creating pipes for its access as it is most essential for our survival. Role in Society: Creating garbage dumps in the society and means for reaching them along with creating other machines, buildings, and roads. Sara Joseph, age 23- Sara was a police officer in training on planet Earth and worked towards road laws. She came from a poor family and wanted to make a difference in the world. Due to her experience in law reinforcement, she has achieved as police chief in our society. She will be implementing political aspects of the society making sure people are treated equally. Role in Society: Sara will help maintain and ensure equality and fairness in the society and help with gathering food via hunting. Johnathan, age 20- Similar to Hugh, Johnathan has a past experience of working at the greenhouses which were owned by his family. He has also taken several food and nutrition classes in school. Growing around greenhouses and his agricultural relatives, he has learned a lot about farming and crop cultivation. Therefore, Johnathan has also achieved as a farmer however is encouraged to produce different crops at a different location from Hugh in order to have a variety of fruits and vegetables in the society. Role in Society: Johnathan is encouraged to cultivate at a seperate location and different fruits and vegetables than Hugh.
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