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Lecture 25

Women's Studies 1020E Lecture 25: Lecture 25 – Online Activism

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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 1020E
Laura Cayen

Lecture 25 – Online Activism Safety and Public Spaces - Online spaces and communities can be very hostile to minorities and women - Women are typically expected to remain in the private realm, are often harassed for joining public spaces which reinforces that these are “rightfully” spaces for men - Public Sexual Harassment Defines Public Spaces as Male Territory  Sexual harassment is most commonly experienced by women and is not taken seriously or counteracted by law/discourse  There is often an intrusion on the private space in a public area, which forces the women to interact with the male which leads to a usual threat of further violence  Public sexual harassment establishes public space as a space where men can move freely and where women are not supposed to be and are harassed when they are - Women’s Exclusion from Public Areas  Women are told to stay out of certain public areas for their own good  They are supposed to take precautionary measures in public that men do not need to take  It is up to women to protect themselves, while there is an underlying implication that they don’t belong in the public space Strategies of Resistance - Women often avoid certain areas, or bring others with them so that they are less likely to be harassed - They may also alter how they are dressed - Women may also be scared of retaliation and danger if they respond to harassment - They often avoid confrontation to avoid seeming aggressive Impact of Harassment - Harassment that occurs online and in person can have the same effect and can silence the individuals who experience it - Victim blaming is a common response, while targets are often seen as being too sensitive and are told to toughen up and remain quiet - A lot of law enforcement are not trained in the areas of harassment and do not know how to deal with online communities - Because of this and lack of regulation by police, online companies have no pressure to make their communities safer Crash Override: Talking to Family and Police - Explains forms of resistance and works to make online communities safer - Zeo is a company that provides support for those who are being harassed - It also gives advice for protecting online information and strengthen security of websites - It also provides a guide for how to talk to family and the police so that they can be taken more seriously - Troll Busters provides support to women writers who work onl
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