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Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 1020E
Leslie Thielen- Wilson

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L. Thielen-Wilson, Lecture Slide PointPatricia Hill Collins “Black Sexual Politics” S1 “New Racism”:  Law changes but Custom maintains material systems of race hierarchy (subordination &;;;;;;;;H domination)  Builds on historical racist / colonial ideologies  cultural ideologies replace biological ideologies KEY CONCEPTS: The way the US institutions/ beliefs are currently are an extension of old colonialism. S2 Sexual ideologies core to social construction of race (sex & class) differences  “deviant” sexuality: “primitive, backward, jungle, wild, freak” (383)  “Ideas about sexuality and gender that were very much a part of prior forms of racial rule remain as important today. …differently organized to produce remarkably similar results.” (379) ** S3 New Racism Organized through Capitalism /Economic system (local and global)  A few Transnational corporations drive the global economy:  impact distribution of poverty/wealth globally  weaken local Government control of national economy *colonialism lead to capitalism S4 New Racism Relies heavily on mass media  disseminate and reproduce the ideologies which justify racism  “manufactures consent” term from Chomsky, who stole it from some other guy.  makes race hierarchy appear natural, normal, inevitable S5 “Sexual Spectacle” in Media  Historical context: w/in white supremacy  “Race Difference” (CTW etc. implied superiority in relation to the body of colonized/enslaved)  E.g., Sarah Baartman:
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