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Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 1020E
Leslie Thielen- Wilson

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September 23 , 2009 “A WAY OUTTA NO WAY” General Thesis: The media is often blamed as the sole cause of eating disorders, but this theory is only scratching the surface. There are many other stressors that contribute to eating disorders in women. INTRO: - Women deal with these issues - Not enough research re: other cultures/sexual preferences and eating - Eating problems are a coping mechanism as a response to trauma - Not always a result of the “Culture of Thinness” (Theory) - It’s not just a problem for white middle class women. CONCLU - Revaluation and research is necessary - Response to trauma/social injustice - How you view eating disorders affects how you attempt to treat and cure them. ie a limiting mindset will produce limited treatment options. - Women can and should develop healthy relationships with their bodies. - We need to see women as strong individuals who think and try to overcome their traumas. KEY CONCEPTS (Concepts inform claims) Concept: term, bring into theorizing. You could define it. Claim: your explanation of the concept. - “Simultaneity of oppression”  race, poverty, heterosexism - Eating Problems vs. Eating Disorders - “Body Consciousness” vs. the term “Body Image” - Disassociation between body and mind as a defence mechanism EXISITNG RESEARCH 1. Biological model (physical) 2. Psychological model (mind) 3. Culture of Thinness model (Feminism theory explaining the pressure to be thin as a direct result of the Media) Critique: They all don’t
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