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Western University
Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

ESSAY DUE TWO WEEKS FROM NOW - will be discussing topics next week - one main argument, italicize it - 2 readings until 2 weeks from now PORNOGRAPHY •We define pornography as the graphic sexually explicit subordination of women through pictures and words that also includes women are presented dehumanized as sexual objects, things, or commodities or women are presented as sexual objects who enjoy humiliation or pain or women are presented as sexual objects experiencing sexual pleasure in rape, incest or other sexual assault or women are presented as sexual objects tied up, cut up or mutilated or bruised or physically hurt or women are presented in postures or positions of sexual submission, servility or display or women's body parts including but not limited to vaginas, breasts or buttocks are exhibited such that women are reduced to those parts or women are presented being penetrated by objects or animals or women are presented in scenarios of degradation, humiliation, injury, torture shown as filthy or inferior, bleeding, bruised or hurt in a context that make these conditions sexual •this definition is all encompassing of any sexual encounter but at the same time leaves out any definition for porn that doesn't include women Dworkin standard of degradation and humiliation which would be physical • submission, on her knees, etc •you may be influenced by your preferences but that doesn't mean that you are chained by them •Dworkin • - graphic depiction of women as vile whores - inextricably tied to de-valuation of women, debasement, and the dirtiness • of female sexuality • - in the male system, women are sex; sex is the whore • - male domination of the female body is the basic material reality of women's lives • - the word whore reveals her sensual nature cunt and her natural character - all women are whores, but prostitutes are greedy whores • • - this is the male sex system where they have total holds over women sexuality • - would say gay porn would be just as bad, however she had a huge issue with heterosexuality. She believes that heterosexual sex is rape • - existence of the system of male sexual domination - sexual freedom for men represents unrestrained expression of male • sexuality • - examples of men's sexual privilege: GBR report of 1857: male same sex sexuality decriminalized the female prostitution laws strengthened and expanded • - politics of sexuality • - - left ideology: unrestrained and public sexuality, freedom and collectivism • - - right ideology: unrestrained and private sexuality, virginal, good, wives - politics of sexual liberation - left ideoogy • • - sex is fun, pleasurable, public and a commodity • - sex is radical • - pornography is liberatory, capitalistic, amoral, acultural and asocial • - its not only about the sex experienc
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