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WR2121 Lecture November 8

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Writing 2121F/G
Tim Freeborn

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Lecture November 8, 2011
Researching A Topic
-Get keywords from topic
-Topic: Violence in Hockey
-Keywords: Aggression - Testosterone, Team Sport - Professional Team Sport - NHL.
Broad to narrow terms.
-Come up with at least 6 search terms. Don’t just search “violence in hockey” use other
words that are synonyms
-Think about variant spellings (humor/humour)
-Word endings
-violen* you get all the words with violen at the beginning
-Wild card:
-wom?n means there’s a variance in spellings, will give you woman and women
-Category Names
-Antonyms; words that mean the opposite of what you’re writing about may be relevant in
turning up sources.
-Think of academic departments that might have something to say about your topic. (Violence
in Hockey)
-Kinesiology (violence brings injury, physical aspect of sport)
-Olympic Studies?
-Health Science: Medicine/Head Injuries
-Under Research Tools, go to Program Guides (gives access to all faculties)
-Use Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries of different faculties (accessed through program guides)
-good way to come up with sources for paper
-Summon is comprehensive/doesn’t discriminate types of sources. You can refine search
-How to tell if sources are academic:
-if they’re published by a university press
-common sense
-what does the author do? is he an academic?
-detailed footnotes/index
-you can usually tell by the language used
Quiz 3: Focuses on Chapters 31 and 32 (Ordering Elements in A Sentence (Parallelism,
Coordination, Subordination) and Diction)) p.441 = Subordination
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