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Tristan Long

WEEK 2Cultural Anthropology Chapter 2 The Nature of CultureWHAT IS CULTURE Culture consists of the abstract values beliefs perceptions of the world that lie behind peoples behaviour and that are reflected in that behaviour MOST IMPORTANT THING ASSOCIATED WITH HUMANS shared ideals values that people use to interpret experience and generate behaviour elements shared by members of a cultural group and when acted upon others can understand that behaviourCultured is LEARNED greatly through medium of language and not biologicallyparts of a culture econ kinship spirituality and marriage system function togetherWHY DO CULTURES EXIST to survive culture must satisfy basic needs of society and deals with problems that society hasmust be a balance of self interests of individuals and the needs of a whole societyculture must be able to change and adaptHOW ARE CULTURES EVALUTATEDanthropologists believe all are equally valid and must not be judgedHowever many controversies with human rights in culturesTHE CONCEPT OF CULTURESir Edward Burnett Tylor defined culture as complex whole which includes knowledge belief art law morals custom and other things needed by man as member of society1culture is shared 2culture is learned 3 culture based on symbols 4 culture is integrated CHARACTERISTICS OF CULTURE1 CULTURE IS SHARED people share culture when you move to a new culture you leave behind familiarity and move into world with new rulesCulture Shock antrhopologists or ppl Not used to the new culture Reverse Culture Shock what anthropologists experience after returning from new culture Weird to readjust to home culture shock affects immigrantsSociety group of people living in same area speak same language and interdependent contains more than one cultural group Social Structure Relationships of groups withina society that hold it together although culture shared by its members NOT UNIFORM no member has same version of culture as another Is seen in difference of gender roles women give birth men dont gender roles taught from birth not given right away roles taught differently within each culture
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