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Nirmal Dass

Take a look at Greek literature: poetry, plays/drama, pose − about individuality − a set of ideas are important to literature; ? − literature - it is valued because it incorporates the ideas/self-expressions of a culture − it contains structure and methods through which the culture can be understood − we constantly live with words − words are not separate from ideas (they are one and the same); human beings cannot live without words, the importance of literature deals with language, thus deals with ideas, it has structured our entire world with ideas − literature: expression of the human community; culture itself − ie. doctor is only useful if he lives among other human beings literature as a form: where ideas are not simply presented, but argued over (bad or good ideas) fundamentally, literature is an important process: literature is building society ^it is values worth preserving, society is unchangeable nor questionable culture has to shift – doesnt demand loyalty, otherwise it would be stagnant (which would not be a happy culture) fundamentally questioning their own culture/society, stagnant cultures = oppressive and then culture suffers Greek drama and tragedy − is Greek culture viable? Worth preserving or weed it out? − Unlike contemporary society, art is not entertainment to the ancient Greeks art has lost its moral footing, thus it has lost value to contemporary society in ancient Greek, art has a high moral concern so everyone is doing it without Greek art and literature, we would not have Greek democracy notion of building, and maintaining good society Greek Poetry (5 CenturyAthens) LYRIC POETRY we atheady talked about Homer and his importance – he embodies eteology (their ancient history) in 5 CAthens, we encounter the lyric where personal expression is very important (how an individual feels – connected to the community, celebrating or lamenting social concerns) Lyricist: Grand poets of the time:Archilochos,Alkman and Sappho • these poets is criticizing something fundamentally gone wrong in the world • takes on the role of being a critic o
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